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Eating Healthy in Edgewater

eating-healthyEating out shouldn’t derail your health goals. Nor should you sacrifice one of the things we love most about food: How good it tastes.

In the City of Chicago we are blessed to have so many amazing health-conscious restaurants. As a matter of fact, right here in our neighborhood we tout some pretty great places. Here are some options you’ll want to look for:

Mediterranean Restaurants

Health gurus are toting the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, so this is a good place to start. Typically you will find simple dishes with lean proteins like chicken or lamb, grilled veggies and freshly made hummus or babaganoush (eggplant dip). These dips are plant-based and don’t contain near the calories that a cream or butter-heavy dish like the ever popular spinach-artichoke dip does. As with any restaurant, just make sure you don’t go too heavy on the bread. When I order a dip at a restaurant I often ask if I can have vegetable crudités as well to eat with it so I don’t go too overboard on the bread.

Reza’s and Andies are both great options in the Andersonville/Edgewater area for a Mediterranean restaurant. Their food is delicious and rather inexpensive too!

Restaurants known for their unique dietary options

Although this does not always hold true, many restaurants that offer separate gluten-free and/or vegetarian menus are often accommodating to those of us that are health conscious.  In Andersonville you can find gluten-free options at Lady Gregorys, Ranalli’s, Pie Hole and Homemade Pizza Company. In Edgewater, Loving Hut specializes in organic, vegan options.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Farm-to-table spots are my favorite. These restaurants get their meat and/or produce directly from the farms so we as the consumer know that it is local and fresh – often they list which farms they work with. In this concept of restaurant, everything is usually made from sctratch and sometimes even grown onsite.

In Edgewater, Uncommon Ground has an organic roof-top garden they source from. Another farm-to-table in our neighborhood is Acre. I recently ate there and enjoyed their charcuterie board. Because I don’t cook much meat at home, when I am at a restaurant that I know uses quality, local pasture-raised meats, I always try to indulge – and it did not disappoint.

Cookies & Carnitas, featured here in the Chicago Reader, offers the savory taste and spark you’ve come to love in your neighborhood taco joint, but takes great care to source their pork and other ingredients from local farms.

Do you have a suggestion on dining not mentioned in this article? Engage with us below.

Jen Loboda is a food lover and health nut who writes bi-weekly for Edgeville Buzz. Follow her on Twitter at @NutritiousCity

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