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Early morning disturbances at Sheridan and Ardmore

A reader emailed on March 31st….

I would like to notify you about an event that occurred very early , and unfortunately beat my alarm clock by several hours! At about 5:45AM, I woke up to car alarms and yelling. To my surprise, outside my window at Sheridan and Ardmore, I discovered 10-20 men in black jackets with “teamsters” written on the back with signs and all of their cars stacked next to eachother so that their alarms were set off continuously. The men were yelling obscenities at the tops of their lungs, along the lines of f*** you and running back to their cars to reset the alarms. The police arrived about 15-20 minutes later, and most of them dispersed with their vehicles, but a few remained with signs, now silent. I located an article dated yesterday regarding the teamsters union and 200 layoffs due to alleged “loafing” on the job. I respect their integrity toward employment, however needless to say this was a very disturbing way to start off the day.

Just thought this was an interesting “happening” in our community. Not sure why they targeted that particular intersection. Any thoughts?

And later in the week….

It actually happened that day, AND Friday, AND Saturday. Every morning 6 AM three days in a row.

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