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Crosswalk Sting @ Broadway & Balmoral

As many readers are aware, the crosswalk at Broadway and Balmoral is a dangerous one to cross. EBNA and other residents and groups have long fought for a street light, stop sign, or other solution to protect pedistrians from oncoming traffic. As none of these initiatives have progressed for various reasons, we suggested a CPD traffic “sting” in this area (Call to Action: crosswalk enforcement) in hopes that the Alderman, CPD and other city officials would become more aware of the dangers and daily violations that occur at this intersection (as if a resident getting struck by the car wasn’t enough evidence) so that a permanent solution would move forward before another incident occurs. We received word from a reader that a traffic sting did indeed take place this week:

CPD had a small sign in front of the Jewel saying something about crosswalk enforcment area… There was a cop by the pet store and two across the street by the hopefully new restaurant. There were two undercover cops that were crossing the street and when cars did not stop, in EITHER direction, the cops took off, wrote tickets and got back in position.

I tried crossing with my niece and cars were not stopping. The cops pulled out in to the intersection, let us cross and then pulled the cars for not stopping. Seriously, it was like a well choreographed dance… we saw about 10 people get pulled in about 10 minutes… and crossed the street easily… :)

UPDATE: According to this blog, The Expired Meter, enforcement also occured at Clark & Summerdale!

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