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Car Stolen

This should go without saying, but don’t leave the keys in your car…a reader writes:

This morning around 7am I was at the Starbucks at Bryn Mawr/Winthrop, doing the Sunday Crossword, sitting inside along the window that faces Winthrop. A guy pulled up in his silver/gray car and got out of his car to go inside to get his morning cup of joe. The car was no less than 10 feet from the Bryn Mawr corner on the east side on Winthrop.

Well, I couldn’t tell if he left the engine running, but a tall, thin black guy (30ish, definitely NOT a teen or early 20-something) in a black and cream Hawaiian type shirt came strolling on an angle toward the car slowly. I looked up from my puzzle and he was nearing the car. I saw him look around (almost as if he was crossing a street) then his head bent down into the car (I was almost 100% sure this wasn’t the guy who got out of the car) and he must’ve seen keys in the ignition and he pulled the handle and then moved like a bat out of hell and hopped into the car.

I heard a guy from inside the Starbucks holler “Hey, get outta my car” The owner ran out and banged on the side of the car. The car pulled away and slowed down when it got to Bryn Mawr (only about 10 feet), and made sure no cross traffic was coming. By this time the car owner caught up to his car and was banging on the trunk. There was a raised “fin” over the trunk lid which he grabbed, but as the thief pulled away the fin came off the trunk and the owner fell face first in the street. The stolen car went south on Winthrop.

Both Starbucks and the owner called the police. They showed up around 10 minutes later and took reports.

Just a reminder, no matter how short a time you tink you might be away from your car, NEVER leave the keys in the ignition, or the car unlocked.

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