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Car break-ins on Elmdale

A reader writes:

On 2/17 you reported an attempted home invasion in the 1300 block of Ardmore and readers added reports of guys checking parked cars. Another car was broken into this week on the 1300 block of Elmdale and a tool was stolen. It happened overnight to a truck with tinted rear cab windows. The only way someone could have seen anything in the back would have been by pressing their face against the window and using a flashlight. Also, individuals have been seen walking down the street lifting door handles as they go. Checking to find a random unlocked one? It seems like this could be the same group of guys and if anyone sees someone checking cars to call 911 and let the police decide if the are acting innocently.

This reader is spot on – most definately call 911 if you see suspicious activity such as people looking into car windows or pulling door handles.

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