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Businesses beware!!!

A local business owner asked that we share her story with the neighborhood. Apparently this type of scam has happened in the area last year as well, possibly by the same person.
“A man comes around (last year it was just with tags, but this year he had a fire extinguisher) in a rush to replace your tag/extinguisher. He charges you. He is not official. It was found out last year that he had stolen the tags from Loyola University campus. Well I guess I shouldn’t assume it’s the same person as last year. Anyway, he was all business, in a rush this morning and said, “Oh, they didn’t tell you I’d be coming?” I guess he didn’t realize the two owners of the shop were who he was speaking to.
I asked to see his ID and he said “Of course, it’s out in the truck” and never came back in.”

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