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Block Club Poll Results

A whopping 80% of our readers responded to our most recent poll stating that they are not active members of their block clubs. Block clubs, when ran effectively and widely participated in by committed residents, can be an effective tool to make a neighborhood a better place. They bring residents together, building a small community feel within this very large city and neighborhood that we live in. They provide a forum for neighborhood issues and concerns, and a unified voice can get the attention of city leaders and services.

My personal experience with my block club has been neutral. I’ve cherished the opportunity to meet other caring neighbors, but the attendence and effectiveness of the meetings I have attended has been somewhat disappointing. Ten people can only do so much. I wish more people cared, more people got involved, and more would get accomplished. I encourage everyone who cares about their neighborhood to join their block club today. In speaking with the President of a successful block club it is apparent the one thing that makes them successful is the dedication of the PEOPLE.

Want to learn how to join your block club? Check out this website: http://www.theneighborhoodfirst.org/movement/home.html. We’ve also listed some links with block club info on the right hand side of the blog. We’re all busy people – we all have jobs, families & friends, but find the time to get involved. Let’s work together to make a cleaner, safer Edgewater. And don’t just join, bring a friend, tell your friends, and as Dan from TheNeighborhoodFirst says, JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

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