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Blight on Broadway?

For reasons unknown to us here at the Edgewater Community Buzz, quite a few storefronts and buildings along Broadway from roughly Balmoral up to Hollywood are for lease, vacant and/or rundown. One of the most noticeable empty spaces is the large building seen in the photo above, which looks like a burned out shell when viewed from behind on the Red Line. The “Lofty One Bedroom Condominiums” sign has been on the building forever.

There isn’t an established pattern as far as the types of empty spaces to be seen, it ranges from new construction to former restaurants, etc. Things do seem to pick up just north and south of these few blocks, which is encouraging. Does anyone have any theories or inside information to share as to why this stretch of Broadway is in this state?

I took a ride this morning to capture shots of a few of the spaces, heading south from Hollywood…

Just south of Hollywood on the west side of the street.Next door, in a newer condo building.

The old Pasteur space.

Formerly Pepitone’s Restaurant.

This used to be”The Writer’s Lounge” at Balmoral and Broadway. Work had started on something new here last year, however that has halted and the work orders have been removed from the front door.

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