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Bernstein & McDonough clown around

The above video features 48th Ward Aldermanic candidates Phil Bernstein and Patrick McDonough and is moderated by Michael McGann. The video was a good insight into these two individuals aldermanic race platforms and intentions, and helped me figure out who to vote for in February.

Bernstein and McDonough claim to address the issues important to the ward, but instead they spend 20+ minutes discussing the issues important to them. The majority of the video is discussing Harry Osterman, Carol Ronan, and bantering about political corruption. They don’t mention any specific ways they plan to help fix the city budget or rid the city of corruption, if elected. They don’t even once mention how they will work to combat crime in the 48th Ward – an issue that 60% of people voted as the most important issue to them in the Aldermanic race in our most recent poll. No mention of economic development, no mention of improving schools. In addition, they claim they are repeatedly attacked (on blogs such as this one) yet they have a “Hairy Osterman” doll and repeatedly poke fun at him and bash his political career. Pretty hypocritcal if you ask me.

In the meantime, Harry Osterman not only outlines a clear cut plan on his website about how he plans to address crime & public safety, but he has the experience doing so by spending countless hours working with the CPD, hosting community safety seminars and creating specific plans to address crime in Edgewater hot spots.

Personally, I plan to vote for the man with the experience, the man who shows his face in the community rather than an online video, the man who doesn’t mock his opponents with puppets. I’m voting for Harry Osterman.

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