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Beer and Wine on Bryn Mawr

A reader inquires about liquor sales along Bryn Mawr:

I have a question that several members of our neighborhood have asked me (indeed it’s a question I often ask myself): why are there so few places to purchase beer or wine (or liquor for that matter) near Bryn Mawr / Broadway? The corner store on Broadway/BrynMawr sells cigarettes and other goods, but not beer or wine. Walgreens doesn’t sell alcohol, I’m told (though I’m not sure if it’s true), because the company itself has some anti-alcohol Christian leanings. Of course, there’s “The Pantry” just east of the Redline, which is run by a friendly old couple, but their selection is less than stellar when it comes to beer. There are things in the general vicinity, to be sure, but nothing in close walking distance from the intersection of broadway/ridge/bryn mawr.

With such a large recent influx of young people into the area who enjoy all of the local craft beers that the Chicago area has to offer, I wonder why there is such a dearth of stores that sell beer/wine in the area. It might be worth seeing whether there is interest in this sort of thing. For instance, if the older couple who run “The Pantry” were aware of the wide demand for craft beer in the area, they might be persuaded to expand their beer inventory.

At any rate- this seems like an oversight in this part of Edgewater, and I thought I would raise it to see if others in our community felt the same way.

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