Edgeville Buzz

Beautification coming for Metro tracks

From the Edgewater Community Council:
A 700 foot linear garden will be planted in the space by the Metra tracks from Ridge to Granville along Ravenswood Avenue. The garden’s plan includes hardy and self-sustaining plants, ferns, flowers, shrubs and small trees that will have interest in all seasons. We are pleased that this space, which was once a rough overgrown area and a littered landscape, will now be a source of pride to the community. Congratulations to NEW, past President Amanda Solon, and to all involved since this was a long process that began over three years ago.

Sharon Metzger, current President of Neighbors of Edgewater West (NEW), worked closely with 40thWard Alderman Patrick O’Connor and his staff as well as representatives of Union Pacific, in order toobtain the necessary permission for the use of the land, including moving back the track’s protectivefencing.

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