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Argyle To Undergo Major “Shared Street” Redesign Soon

Although Argyle Street is considered a part of our Uptown neighbor to the South, It falls within the 48th Ward and thus has big impact on Edgewater as well. Starting in late summer of this year, Argyle will be going through a unique and historic transformation as the first “shared street” in Chicago. The impact on Argyle could be substantial as economic development will be encouraged through the use of sidewalk cafes, street fairs and much needed public space.

The new redesign will not only establish much needed beautification upgrades, but it will also attempt to increase pedestrian safety and expand public space making it easier for people and bicycles to navigate the roadway.  Designed with London style “shared streets” in mind, the data shows that motorists are 14 times more likely to stop for pedestrians on these types of roads.  It has the potential of decreasing traffic injuries and deaths by 43 percent.

Though excited about the economic possibilities, Some businesses have voiced concern about the possible loss of business revenue during construction. Sara Dinges, the 48th Ward economic and communications head stated, “We will be working closely with businesses, Uptown United and Business Partners, The Chamber For Uptown to discuss potential SSA funded marketing campaigns to help businesses during the construction phase. ” She added, “There has been some great suggestions already discussed such as postcard campaigns and valet parking.”

Community input has been a key ingredient in this new project. There has already been several local meetings on the matter and now the 48th Ward’s office has given us the ability to help choose the new vertical identifier at Broadway and Argyle on a pedestrian refuge island that will be installed by CDOT.  “The online voting is our way of reaching out to the community and creating engagement. A subcommittee, comprised of community stakeholders, reviewed and chose the two identifier options. We have already received over 300 votes” said Ms. Dinges.

Be a part of the Argyle streetscape process. Voting begins today! Click Here to cast your vote.

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