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A Reader’s Account of Criminal Activity Near Thorndale and Broadway

A reader wrote in to report the following incidents, which occurred close to Senn High School.

I identified 2 black males selling drugs near my house on Thursday 4/30/09 at 11AM. I called police to report it. 2 days later I see the same men pass by. They threatened me, saying “We know where you live.” I firmly believe they will be retaliating in the near future.

One of the males is about 5’10”-6′, 180-200 lb.
The other is about 5’8-5’9″ and maybe 160 lb.
They were together both times.”

This is a disturbing situation. I encourage anyone who witnesses criminal activity like this to report it to the police. I asked our reader if the police were notified after the threat was made, and the reader indicates….

I called police both times. The first time they did not do anything except take info from me over the phone. The second time several cars, marked and unmarked, cruised the area looking for the two men but could not find them. An unmarked with 3 officers took a statement from me. They seemed eager to find these guys. I believe that if everyone is aware that this is going on and reports any similar activities we can keep our neighborhood safe.

Obviously this situation provides further insight regarding problems in the general area of Thorndale and Broadway.

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