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48th Ward Launches Anti-Noise Initiative

Alderman Mary Ann Smith recently hosted a meeting in which local residents, police and representatives from the Department of the Environment discussed ways to reduce general noise in the community. Actions that were suggested at the meeting included the following….

  • Planting walls of vegetation (such as ivy) on buildings to absorb sound
  • Posting signage and increasing enforcement of quiet zones
  • Denying permits for special events in the lakefront park areas west of Lake Shore Drive
  • Requiring festival hosts to point sound systems toward the lake
  • Planting/replacing trees along Marine Dr.
  • Enforcing the public way sound regulations on weekends at the parks and during festivals
A committee has also been formed to work on the Anti-Noise Initiative. The Alderman’s office has expressed that they welcome suggestions and input from the community. Please contact monica@masmith48.org if you would like to participate!

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