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40th Ward Alderman Race Has First Challenge In 24 Years, Meet Dianne Daleiden

For the first time in 24 years, 40th Ward constituents will see something new on their ballots when they vote for alderman: two candidates. Dianne Daleiden, a Chicago Public School teacher and longtime Edgewater resident is challenging incumbent Pat O’Connor who has been an alderman since 1983.


Daleiden is a registered democrat and distinguishes herself on style and substance. Her campaign theme is “building community.” When she meets with ward residents, she promises greater participatory governance and transparency. She would create resident advisory panels on economic development, education, environment, safety and TIFs. Daleiden contends that O’Connor is a conservative machine politician who no longer fits the ward.

Daleiden moved to the 40th Ward as a new homeowner more than 30 years ago and raised her son in the neighborhood. She taught at Sacred Heart, then was a tenured math and science teacher with Chicago Public Schools, and is a Chicago Teachers Union member.  She started a farmer’s market, worked bingo nights, has sat on committees and coached a girl’s volleyball team, among her community-focused activities.

When it comes to city-wide issues, Daleiden wants to focus on the following:

  • Pension obligations need to be paid in full and maintained, and there should be no restructuring of pension systems.
  • Chicago Public School Board should be elected and supports a moratorium on charter schools.
  • Supports an immediate $15 minimum wage for corporations earning $50 million or more, and a gradual increase to $15 an hour for smaller businesses.
  • Supports an Independent Budget Office to evaluate the entire City budget, including TIFs (Tax-increment financing districts).

On 40th Ward issues Daleiden says, “Edgewater Medical Center has been standing empty and decaying for 13 years. It was declared a public hazard. Due to the O’Hare Modernization Plan passed over 10 years ago, our ward now suffers the noise and pollution of 70% of all incoming flights to O’Hare. O’Connor should have looked at an impact study on how it would affect residents’ quality of life and housing values before voting.” She also expresses concern about keeping businesses alive in the neighborhood, “Revitalizing the Lincoln Avenue corridor north of Lawrence is one of my top priorities. Neighborhoods need commerce to thrive, not more condominiums.”

Daleiden has been backed and supported by the Chicago Teachers Union, Chicago ACTS, Take Back Chicago, the Northside Democracy for America and Reclaim Chicago.

Next week we will continue with our reporting on the 40th Ward Alderman’s race with a post dedicated to current alderman, Pat O’connor.




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