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8:58 PM, 5200 N. Lake Shore Dr. – Assistance call. Vehicle is stalled in the left southbound lane.

8:59, 2527 W. Ainslie – Burglary in progress call. Male caller says someone is in his garage as he can see the lights going on and off. Responding unit asks for Supervisor to join them.

9:01, Granville and Claremont – Kids are loitering and causing a disturbance in the park.

9:02 – A slow down is given for the W. Ainslie burglary in progress call.

9:08, Rosemont and Broadway – Suspicious person. Man in a black Jeep Commander refuses to get out of the vehicle.

9:14, Rosemont and Broadway – Responding unit says there is no black Jeep Commander parked in the area.

9:14, 6720 N. Sheridan – Battery call. Man says he was being beaten by another male at this location.

9:23, Ainslie and Leavitt – Man is in the intersection trying to stop cars.

9:24, Hamilton and Ainslie – Second call about a man in an intersection. This one is coming from about a half block east. Caller states it is a Hispanic male jumping out in front of cars and asking for money.

9:33, Morse Red Line stop – El check.

9:47, West alley of Clark St. at 1700 W. Northshore – Unit is on scene at a disturbance, another has just joined. You can hear agitated people yelling in the background.

9:52, 1200 W. Pratt – Disturbance with a female smoking and drinking in the lobby.

9:59, Clark and Rogers – Curfew mission to Pottawatomie Park.

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