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  • Illinois GLBT Couples, Discrimination And The Law

    In Illinois, businesses that are open to the public cannot refuse service on the basis of sexual orientation. This law is found in Illinois’ Human Rights Act which provides, in pertinent part:  It is unlawful to “[d]eny or refuse to another the full and equal enjoyment of the facilities, goods, and services of any public […]

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  • Chicago: My Kind of Gun Town

    Conceal and carry–the legal permission to carry a concealed firearm–is now the law in the Land of Lincoln and in Chicago. Western states have long allowed such conduct on the part of citizens but for Illinois, and Chicago, in particular, this new legal right is fraught with controversy, misunderstanding, and rightful concern. Conceal and carry […]

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  • Chicago Shoveling Law

    This winter season has provided no shortage of snowfall and icy conditions on Chicago’s streets and sidewalks. The majority of Chicagoans use sidewalks to get around the City.  Some Chicagoans such as the elderly and disabled are especially reliant on sidewalks being kept free and clear of ice and snow. In fact, Chicago law requires […]

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